Festival Programme 2022

Warm Greetings to all peaceful revolutionaries, visioners, artists and activists for a just and sane world for all peoples and animals, and all other highly esteemed supporters of El Sueño Existe! 

Here is the programme for this year’s festival.

Friday Afternoon

The festival will commence at 2.15pm with the rousing rhythms of Samba dyfi on the lawn.

During the following three hours the afternoon will  feature a variety of speakers, musicians and singers, to  give you a taste of some of the delights to come over the weekend. There will be live performances, inspired by Victor Jara, and you will hear from campaigners and academics touching on our key themes of El Salvador and Peace and Climate Justice for the 2022 festival. There will also be a screening of the film “Santiago Rising”, which starts at 6.30.

Friday Evening

The Welcome Cabaret, featuring: Tim Hollins, Acuarela, Nacho Flores, Gustavo y Facundo, Nick Jeffrey, Duo Passiflora, Familia Sagrada. Also, in the Marquee: 

Los Bullerengues del Braich Goch * Trio Sureño * Grupo Luma *

Saturday’s presentations and workshops

* Contemporary Women Artists of El Salvador *  Celebrating Two Extraordinary Communities Created by Land Seizures *  The Current Political Situation in El Salvador *

Snapshots of Agroecology, Food sovereignty & Climate Justice: Brazil, Nicaragua & Wales *

*The Resurgence of the Left in Latin America * Roque Dalton – El Salvador’s Poet of Love, Hope and Humour * Mayan Cosmovision *  Nueva Esperanza: 30 Years of Solidarity  * How El Salvador Defended its Water and Stopped Mining *

* Britain and Latin America * Introduction to El Salvador * Music For Hope – 25 years of Creativity and Solidarity * Gang Violence and Migration in El Salvador * An Update on Justice Mexico Now * The Welsh Communist Party *

Saturday’s music and dance

* Familia Sagrada * Nacho Flores * Las Juanas (poetry and music) * The Latin American Community Choir * Elena Klaver * Alex Etchart * Nick jeffrey * Duo Passiflora * Trio Sureño * Love Latin Dance Workshop *  Salsa! Workshop   Drumming Workshop *             

Saturday evening’s events and music

Jeremy Corbyn speaks * Lokandes *  Los Músicos * Gustavo y Facundo * Dave Rogers * IberoLatinXpression Dance group * Candlelit Procession *

Sunday’s presentations and workshops

*Morning meditation * Documenting Memory, Resistance and Solidarity with Chilean Refugees * Discussing Climate Justice * La Quesera Massacre * 

 * Queer and Trans in the Americas and our Diaspora * Climate Change, Resistance and Resilience * The Poetry of Exile * Indigenous Peoples and the Fight for our Shared Planet * Liberation Theology Mass *

Sunday’s music and dance

* Arising! women’s choir * Cloud Cuckoo * Eduardo Embry * Los Músicos * Trio Sureño * IberoLatinXpression (workshop and performances)* Familia Sagrada * the Latin American Community Choir * twmpath * circle dance *

*There will also be … morning meditations at 7.30am on Saturday and Sunday * spontaneous musical happenings (this could mean YOU!)* A Lovely Closing Ceremony! *

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