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About the El Sueño Existe organisers

We are a group of people based around the town of Machynlleth situated in the Dyfi Valley of Mid Wales. The roots of our inspiration come from the life music and example of Victor Jara. This visionary musician and theatre director was part of the New Song movement in Salvador Allende’s Chile.

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Our aim is to celebrate and support the flowering of popular democratic movements throughout the world, currently illustrated by the success of contemporary progressive movements across the South American continent.

Inspired by Salvador Allende’s Popular Unity movement in Chile in the 1970s, and in particular the Chilean ‘New Song’ movement, we aim to bring these ideas forward into the present day.

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We organise events and festivals which provide a meeting place for progressive political and environmental groups to come together through poetry, music, dance, theatre, and political debate.

Following the success of the 3-day El Sueño Existe politics and arts festivals dedicated to Victor Jara which have been taking place in Machynlleth every two years since 2005, we are continuing to develop opportunities and ideas for cultural expression, social justice and human rights.

You can contact us using the email address: elsuenoexiste19@gmail.com

Tony Corden is the artistic director of the festival. Tony is also the chair of our parent organisation, Mind Out for Music.

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You can explore information on past festivals, the life and ideas of Victor Jara and the events we are organising, by clicking on the links above.

Watch a short film made by Malcolm Boorer about the origins of the festival:

Here is the Welsh version of the film. Dyma ferswn Cymreig:

Circle dance

Message from Joan Jara

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