Artists & Performers and Speakers

Below you will find information on all artists and performers and speakers confirmed so far for the El Sueño Festival 2019. For more info on the festival click here

Saturday evening screening and presentation by director Pablo Navarette :



The film, shot in July 2016 in Havana Cuba, explores the lives of women FARC guerrillas as they negotiate peace with the Colombian government in Havana, Cuba. The documentary focuses on the role the women played in the negotiations, through the creation of a Gender sub-Commission, hailed as “historic” by Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women, who features in the film. These women have laid down their arms, left the Colombian jungles and are now in Havana, negotiating a peace deal with the Colombian government, which they hope will not only bring an end to the world’s longest armed conflict, but will also guarantee women’s rights and social justice in Colombia

After the early Saturday evening screening there will be a presentation by the film’s co-director Pablo Navarrete with an overview of 10 years of work of Alborada and Alborada Films, uncovering the real Latin America you won’t read about in the Guardian!

Family Activities

This year we are offering a wider range of activities for all families who attend the festival. Wonderful storytellers Peter Stevenson and Milly Jackdaw will regale us with Folk TAles from Old Wales and Mexico…. Make your own crankie box with Peter or come and create a beautiful Nature mandala with Ruth Hogg.Our very own Machynlleth based Ailsa Hughes will be leading s singing workshop especially for families and children after the creation of a beautiful Nature Mandala in the Yurt…The Great globalisation game is a fantastic educational game teaching us why some have too much and some have too little….Great for older kids and an eye opener whilst being fun ! Tito from Gozart will be running mask making workshops based on mexican folk art…                                                                                               

Gisella Stapleton is leading an artistic mural painting workshop where a permanent piece of art work will be created by everyone who takes part…. Tickets for weekend entry per child is £1. Either on the door if you have already bought your tickets or from Ticket Tailor if you are about to please visit 





Seize The Day

Seize the day 5

For two decades, Seize The Day have provided the sound track for protest and green resistance in Britain. Radical folk with pathos, humour and passion. Seize The Day is a tremendously vibrant and ultra-energetic 7-piece acoustic band whose songs draw on many popular traditions but have a radical new content, reflecting the political and personal struggles of our times. Described as the voice of the environmental movement, Seize The Day inspire, enlighten and entertain; they make you laugh, they make you cry and they empower.  Recently, they have been on the front lines of Extinction Rebellion protests, where singer Theo was among the many hundreds arrested for Non Violent Direct Action.



The Anglo-Chilean band Quimantu creates a unique cultural blend through their exceptional use of the numerous traditional folk styles of Latin America, skilfully incorporated with contemporary influences, from Western Classical music, to Celtic, African and Indian styles to name just a few. Their performance for El Sueño will include a selection of songs featuring the rising star Laura Venegas-Rojas whose warm and velvety vocals are complemented by virtuosic violin and cello, the brilliance of guitars, charango and cuatro. Enjoy the vibrant rhythms of Latin percussion combined with the African beats of our guest drummer, the Gambian Griot Musa Mboob. Experience this multi-talented group of musicians who have quite deservedly gained a reputation as one of the UK’s best and most creative Latin groups.

Cactus Andante

City of origin: San Antonio, Chile. : Rock fusion, blues and noise.

cactus andante.jpg


The band Cactus Andante has a trajectory of more than seven years, time in which they have focused on presenting their original compositions. They have consolidated their presentations on Chilean stages, including tours of Latin America and Europe during the most recent years.

A milestone celebrated by the group in February 2019 was the release of their second videoclip, featuring the song “Texano”. The production is based on a poem by the writer Marcelo Mellado, a work that the band recorded for their album “Gritan las Nubes”. The lyrics speak of the population of Tejas Verdes, Llolleo, and what happened there during the dictatorship. The video clip, produced by Bison Films, seeks to be a tribute to memory and history, highlighting the importance of local history, as well as the people of the area, in order to avoid the crimes that took place during that time.

Clara Curteis

clara curteis

Clara Curteis is a feminist singer/songwriter and pianist from Nicaragua who will sing songs of Victor Jara along with powerful self penned songs from her recent CD; “Yo Naci De Mujer. Her songs speak of her encounters with social struggle and personal loss and her dreams of justice.The songs also reflect a commitment to her deeply held experiences of human vulnerability.

Collectivo Copihue

collectivo copihue
On the Friday evening there will be lively music from Collectivo Copihue ; a Latin American outfit based in London who will play a mix of Mexican ballads and Chilean cueca. They will be joined by an unusual act ; Quijada, a Cornish salsa band hailing from Penzance.

Meinir Gwilym

meinir gwilym

Cutting edge Welsh music will come from Meinir Gwilym; a brilliant young songstress who sings in the Welsh language.

Society Of Imaginary Friends

imaginary friends

Another highly original act will be the Society Of Imaginary Friends . Fronted by the stunning operatic voice of Louise Kleboe; this duo create skyrocking musical soundscapes of sometimes exquisite beauty.

José Miguel Arranz


José Miguel Arranz is a Spanish poet and singer-songwriter. While living in London in the 70’s he formed part of the Chilean Group Epu Amaranto with whom he performed all over the U.K. He has published the books of poetry ‘Estación de las Nieblas’ and ‘Antesala de Crepúsculos’ and has recorded the CD’s ‘Caminos de un sueño’ and ‘Miguel Hernández, Sublime’ of his own songs, the latter to mark the 75th anniversary of the death of the Spanish poet who fought for the Republicans and died in jail shortly after the end of the Spanish Civil War. José Miguel’s songs draw inspiration from singers-songwriters such as Victor Jara among others. His subject matter ranges from personal themes to social comment and the lives of Spanish and Latin-American poets and songwriters he admires.

Alex Etchart


Alex Etchart is an Anglo-Uruguayan folksinger fire tending both the South American and British Isles folk traditions. And writing new songs for contemporary social movements.
This year, Alex departs from the classics to share “Vientos”; a new fusion of Latin rhythms, wild electronica and queer performance art -asking our own community ; “what is manhood? ; what is womanhood? And how can we transcend joyously in 2019?”.

Isabel Ros-Lopez

isabel ros lopez

Isabel Ros-Lopez is a Spanish-British social educator, singer-songwriter, poet, song-finder and multi-media artist. She is part of the poetry group Las Juanas and of Spanish and Latin American Poets and Writers (SLAP)

Expresion Inka

expresion inka

Expresion Inka is a Latin American dance and drama group who always add a strong splash of colour and lyricism to the festival. They focus particularly on powerful representations of indigenous groups in Latin America.

Gisella Stapleton / Cultural Programme

Mural painting in the marquee: ‘Leave your mark!’ 

Gisella Stapleton Peruvian Street Artist

Throughout Saturday and Sunday Gisella will be painting a board mural of Victor Jara and is calling all children and adults to leave their mark on the mural. You don’t need to a painter, just let yourself go…! Paints and protective clothing supplied.

A visual artist inspired by Latin American’s folklore and culture, Gisella, originally from Peru, creates large scale artworks in vibrant colours with social meanings in order to motivate and invite reflection. Her work combines realism and abstract art, mixing figures and patterns based on nature and Andean and Indigenous cultures. She focuses on issues of women’s empowerment, indigenous cultures and often paints portraits of iconic Latin American figures.

Political Programme Saturday : Latin American Bureau


LAB works to:

  • bring news from the frontline of Latin America’s struggles for social justice
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  • Promote media networks and partnershipsNews from the frontline of Latin America’s struggles for social justice

Latin America is undergoing dynamic change and the world has much to learn from the experiences of its people. The continent is the birthplace of radical ideas about the pursuit of social justice, about sustainable alternatives to agribusiness and to the development models pursued by multinational corporations, about dealing with the legacy of state violence and authoritarianism, and about building truly popular, participative forms of democracy.

LAB amplifies the voices of those fighting for social justice in Latin America by reporting from the viewpoint of the region’s poor and marginalised communities, its indigenous peoples, women’s groups and trade unions, and its ethnic minorities and faith communities, and by bringing to light their stories of resistance and their campaigns for change.

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LAB’s detailed, consistent analysis draws together the continent’s wealth of campaigns, voices and stories, making sense of them in a wider context and charting the progress and reverses in issues such as human rights, climate change, democratic governance, extractive industries, land distribution and food production.

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LAB has been reporting and publishing on Latin America since the 1970s, with its roots in a founding commitment to denounce the state violence and human rights abuses perpetrated by the region’s dictatorships. Over the subsequent decades, LAB’s UK-based network of experts has continued to provide news and commentary on many aspects of political, socio-economic and environmental change in the post-authoritarian era, always maintaining a grassroots perspective on what development has meant to the region’s 600 million people.