Politics workshops

Political Workshops

at El Sueño Existe Festival 2015

anti-fracking nanas
The anti-fracking nanas of the Fylde in Lancashire

We have a variety of political events and workshops at this year’s El Sueño Existe Festival, with a special focus on Colombia and on eco-socialism. Here they are:


Our Future, Our Planet, Our Dream
An afternoon of short political talks, song, dance and film in the Plas Hall, introducing the themes of the weekend.


Real Power for the People of Wales
Trevor Jones, secretary, Welsh Communists, will open a conversation with leading Communists, socialists and friends.

Development and the Environment in Bolivia and Ecuador
Find out about development in these countries; Exxon’s efforts to undermine action on global warming; and the impact of extractive industries (mining, drilling, fracking) on indigenous people. With Fidel Narváez from the Ecuadorian embassy; and author/journalist Karen Bell on how the Latin American left is leading the way on environmental justice.

Trade Union & Human Rights in Colombia
With Unite the Union, we look at the repression of trade unions in Colombia, human rights campaigns and solidarity offered by UK unions. With Ivan Monkton of Unite; Andy Higginbottom of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign; and human rights lawyer Sara Chandler.

Colombia, Venezuela, the War on Drugs and the United States
ALBA (see note below), is constantly under threat from the US using Colombia as its proxy and destabilising the region through its drugs war. Find out more from author/ journalist Grace Livingstone and Francisco Dominguez of Middlesex University and the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

Nicaragua: Development and the Environment
Looking at ALBA (see box), recent development, the new inter-oceanic canal, and green alternatives. Speakers: Ben Gregory, Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign; and Martin Mowforth, Environmental Network for Central America / University of Plymouth.

Eyewitness Colombia: Communities in Resistance
Diana and Sebastian, recently returned from Colombia, talk about their experiences and about communities struggling to maintain their environment and culture.


Anti-mining & Anti-fracking Campaigns in the UK and Latin America
With examples of mining/fracking and resistance in Salford, Lancashire, Guatemala and Colombia; and how we can all get involved to halt the destruction. With Glevys Redon of Latin American Mining Monitoring Programme; Diana Salazar of Colombia Solidarity Campaign on La Colosa Mine; and Tina Rotherty, one of the ‘anti-fracking nanas’ of the Fylde.

Colombia for Beginners
Key political issues including the peace process and the drugs war. With Catufa; Carlos Cruz (Unite); Hasan Dodwell (Justice for Colombia) and author Grace Livingstone.

Eco Socialism: What’s It All About?
There is a growing movement that seeks to bring social justice to all peoples while protecting and nurturing the environment. We will hear from Kit Jones of the Centre for Alternative Technology and Wendy Emmett of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign about initiatives here in Machynlleth, in Cuba and around the world.

A note on ALBA:
ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America) is a trade bloc of Caribbean and Latin American countries that believe unity is essential to addressing poverty, inequality and climate change. Trade is a tool to combat poverty rather than enrich powerful countries at the expense of poorer ones. (Source: NSC)

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