Music at El Sueño Existe Festival 2013

Over the years each festival has had its own theme, taking into consideration what Victor Jara might have been singing about were he still around. Themes have included the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela Bolivia, Nicaragua, Wales and Ecosocialism. Our theme in 2013 is “Chile: 40 Years On”. This year is the 40th anniversary of the military coup in Chile and the death of Victor Jara.

Our headliners this year are the wonderful Chilean International band Amigo Artista.

AmigoArtista 2013 002

Amigo Artista

Many of the musicians in the band have met through attending and playing at the festival over the years, and so in the spirit of El Sueño Existe, they will be the main act of the Saturday night.

Fantastic Argentinian songstress, Corina Piatti, will be presenting songs from her repertoire of Tango, Melonga and Latin American folk

Corina played in Corris in the Dyfi Valley last Autumn and all who were there, were entranced by her brilliant and vibrant musicianship.

alejandro and Margarita 002

Corina Piatti

Alejandro Reyes played with Victor Jara in the band Cuncumen in the late 50s. He was a friend of Victor’s  and recorded the song, “Entonces Me Voy Volando”, with him.

Alejandro now plays with his son, Pablo, and nephew, Robin. He is a wellspring of the beautiful old Chilean folk songs that Victor, Violeta Parra, Rolando Alarcon and others sang and it is truly an honour to have him and his family present at the festival.

alejandro pena 013

Alejandro Reyes with Cristina Solana, Pablo Reyes, Jorge Morales and Tony Corden

Silvia Balducci from Italy is well known for her excellent renditions of “Chilean New Song” and this year will be presenting the music of Violeta Parra with the great Chilean poet, Alfredo Cordal.

Victor Jara London-27 (2)                  silvia balducci

Silvia with Flakito

leslie ray

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is Dierdre Murphy (lead vocals, guitar and percussion) and Leslie Ray (guitar, mandolin and harmony vocals). They perform the political songs from the folk tradition that these times demand and for the Sueño festival they will be playing a selection of songs that reflect the experience of the indigenous peoples of the Southern cone of South America. Leslie is a writer who published Language Of the Land: The Mapuche In Argentina and Chile in 2007.

 rompiendo pic
Rompiendo Fronteras

Rompiendo Fronteras will be presenting original and haunting arrangements of folk ballads and anthems of Latin America.  The principal arranger and composer of the band is Bolivian, Milton Flores. Their repertoire creates a shimmering collage of melody and harmony, capturing the essence of the songs of Victor Jara and other great Latin American composers.

Zona Protesta are a Colombian rap outfit that get everyone on their feet with their righteous rhythm and profound lyrics. They were a great hit at the 2011 festival.

zona protesta

Zona Protesta

Welsh folk legend Dafydd Iwan  is a longstanding supporter of El Sueño Existe.

dafydd 2

Dafydd Iwan

He penned the song “Cân Victor Jara” in the1970s as well as translating the song, “The Right To Live In Peace” into Welsh. His presence and musical presentation roots the festival in Wales and Welsh culture.

There will be a buskers’ area at the festival, and all who come are invited to bring along their singing voices and musical instruments. We endeavour for the festival to be as participatory as possible and there will be plenty of opportunity to play informally.

Local choir Côr Gobaith [Choir Of Hope] will be delighting the audience once more with their powerful renditions of protest and radical song.

Chilean musician, Jorge Morales, will be presenting songs from his marvellous new album, Sueños De Mis Ninos (Dreams Of My Children).

jorge morales

Jorge Morales

Chilean dance troupe, Grupo Del Sur, will be presenting traditional and contemporary dance from various parts of Chile, some based on the music of Victor Jara.

GdS Rapa Nui  gds pic

Grupo del Sur

Legendary Chilean musician and painter, Osvaldo Torres, will be appearing for the first time at the festival this year. Osvaldo is a founder member of Chilean band, Illapu, and has appeared with the band Quilapayun. He has recently released a beautiful new album of songs called Ajayu.

osvaldo torresosvaldo 2

Osvaldo Torres

Valentina Montoya Martinez writes and sings songs of exile, love and social change,  inspired by tango and folk music traditions from Latin  America. With her guitar and cuatro she creates a style that is very much her own, with a powerful stage presence and a voice to prickle the hairs.

Valentina Montoya Martinez

Hispano-American Women Writers of Memory
Six women artists from Chile, Mexico, Peru and Spain – poets, singers and writers. They shape and craft memories of exile and migration and celebrate Latin American diversity. They are: Maria Eguenia Bravo, Consuelo Rivera, Sofia Buchuck, Isabel Ross-Lopez, Mabel Encinas, Maria Jose Alba.
They will be performing at the Woodland Pavilion along with Patricia Rodriguez and others on Saturday. Includes open mic for other writers to take part.

The Bard of Tottenham returns to the festival with his wild and pithy poetry.

Click here to read about the politics programme which runs alongside the music programme and interweaves with it.

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