Saturday at El Sueño Existe Festival 2013

Scroll down to see performances, workshops (politics, song and dance), and other great happenings. Food and drink available from the cafe at Y Plas; from fab food stalls run by Green Goat and Ura Street Food; and from the eateries in town. The Foresters pub will run our bar in the evening.


Côr Gobaith

SATURDAY DAYTIME 9am to 6.30pm, Y Plas and grounds


Music, poetry and dance on the Main Stage in the Marquee, and around the Plas grounds

See Music page for more about the artists.

The day starts at 9am with a Circle dance to South American melodies, then a Morning Procession from the Plas Gates on Maengwyn Street to Y Plas. Bring banners and flags!

At noon we have a popular surprise guest; followed by Chilean dance troupe Grupo Del Sur – presenting traditional and contemporary dances throughout the weekend.

At lunchtime folk musician Leslie Ray will play for us; followed by Razz – the Bard of Tottenham returning with wild and pithy poetry. Then brilliant Italian singer Silvia Balducci teams up with visionary Chilean poet Alfredo Cordal for a presentation of the life and music of Violeta Parra.

In the afternoon we hear from Osvaldo Torres, legendary Chilean musician and painter; more poetry from Razz; then get down and groove with righteous rap from Colombian duo Zona Protesta.

Later in the day, Valentina Montoya Martinez will sing her songs of exile,  love and social change, inspired by tango and folk music traditions  from Latin America. Followed by more Chilean dance from Grupo Del Sur. And ending with Cor Gobaith: Choir Of Hope – a local radical choir singing rousing songs.

Meanwhile, Expresion Inka (pictured below) close the daytime session in the Plas Hall with theatre and dance.


WORKSHOPS & other stages

Saturday’s workshops include politics, song and dance… sometimes all in one session!

See politics page for full details of the political workshops

Songs, Culture and Politics: explore the power of music and culture in changing the world.

Resisting Now: the different forms of resistance to the cuts happening now in Britain. Opposing neoliberalism. With songs and debates.


Picture: 2011 Festival

Current Struggles in Chile: The Chilean student movement has spread across copper miners and indigenous groups to high school and university students.

The Dream Lives on in Latin America: Giant steps towards true liberation have been taken in Latin America in the past decade.

Singing workshop with Corina Piatti: sound, breathing exercises and relaxation.

Poetry recitals and open mic on the Woodland Pavilion stage. Hispano-American Women Writers of Memory shape and craft memories of exile and migration and celebrate Latin American diversity. They are Maria Eugenia Bravo, Consuelo Rivera, Sofia Buchuck, Isabel Ross-Lopez, Mabel Encinas, Maria Jose Alba. Patricia Rodriguez and friends will also read their work and will open the stage for others to read in an open mic. A chance to recite one or two of your poems on the theme of displacement or disappearance – or something by your favourite poet on those themes.

Open mic for musicians and singers in the Community Garden (hut), compered by Tim and Razz.

Salsa Rueda workshop with Rod and Bianca. Pairs of dancers form a circle in this Cuban-style dance.


SATURDAY EVENING 7pm to midnight

Join us in the Marquee on the lawns of Y Plas for our big party night on the Main Stage!



Corina Piatti: Fantastic Argentinian songstress (pictured) presenting songs from her repertoire of Tango, Melonga and Latin American folk

alejandro and Margarita 002

Grupo Del Sur: Chilean dance

Osvaldo Torres (see above)

AmigoArtista 2013 002

Amigo Artista: new band of experienced musicians fronted by Chilean John Cuevas along with wizard accordionist Flakito, Chilean multi-instrumentalist Yuri Betancourt and Congolese percussionist Zalenga. Taking us through to midnight on the dancefloor.

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