Welcome to El Sueño Existe! Croeso!

Bienvenido! Festival 2017

Bienvenido!  El Sueño Existe Festival of Latin American music and politics will take place here in Machynlleth, 28, 29 and 30 July 2017. The spirit of Victor Jara in beautiful Mid Wales.

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For every festival we choose a different theme and this year we will be looking at Ecuador.  We seek to weave a tapestry of music, dance, progressive politics, poetry and drama here in the beautiful Dyfi Valley of Mid Wales. The music and life of Victor Jara of Chile is  the source of inspiration for the festival and we seek to bring the representation of Victor jara and Allende’s Chile into the here and now so that it can continue to be drawn from as a resource.

The festival takes place on the edge of the small historic  town of Machynlleth. There are beautiful mountain walks in the area  and the gorgeous coastal areas of Borth and Aberdovey are nearby.  There is camping at the festival and also various types of accommodation in and around the town. Early booking of accommodation is strongly recommended.

There will be plenty of opportunity for participation through dance, music making and discussion. Bring your voice and musical instruments.

We look forward to giving you a warm welcome.

Tony, Maggie, John,Sabrina, Pete, Clare, Carol, Cristina, Jorge, Hugo,Tim, Mogs,  Ignacio, Mike.


El Sueño Existe (‘the dream lives on’) is the banner name for Latin American events in and around Machynlleth, Mid Wales, organised by Mind Out for Music, inspired by the life and music of Chile’s Victor Jara and the New Song Movement.

 Here are 2015 Festival photos by Craig Kirkwood and by Kevin Hayes.

Artists coming to the Festival

QUIMANTU were formed by the outstanding UK based Chilean musician and composer Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and since then have gained a reputation as one of Britain’s finest South American bands.  The group has blossomed out of the very particular musical environment that exists in the UK, especially in London, an environment that has afforded Quimantu the opportunity to collaborate with leading musicians from almost every genre imaginable, from Western Classical to Indian Classical, African to traditional English Folk. The result is a powerful and inspiring musical message, a refreshing mix full of life and honesty that speaks directly to audiences’ hearts as well as their dancing feet.

006_quimantu_by_harriet_armstrongQuimantu in front of the Hackney Peace Mural. Photo by Harriet Armstrong

The performance for the festival El Sueño Existe will feature the wonderful voice of upcoming singer Laura Venegas-Rojas, whose velvet tones are rapidly making her a favourite with audiences here and in Chile.

“The talented and polished musicians hip of the band is just as impressive as their down to earth performance.” Sarah Quarmby, journalist. www.quimantu.net

ECCO (Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra)

In 1998 Quimantu’s director Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and Rachel Pantin established Musiko Musika to fulfil the band’s vision for enabling and empowering children, young people, families and communities to make music and express themselves culturally. Musiko Musika’s pioneering ECCO (Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra) is central to that vision and will be performing and offering workshops at El Sueño. Spread across schools and communities in London, the ECCO project incorporates the music and culture of the participants’ families, to create ensembles that reflect the contemporary aspirations and creativity of today’s young musicians. The young musicians and their parents take an active role in every step of the music-making process – from playing to songwriting and conducting.

008_musiko_musika_by_harriet_armstrongECCO concert at the Bolivar Hall in July 2016. Photo by Harriet Armstrong

Appearing at El Sueño will be the ECCO @ Lyric ensemble of around 30 children and parents from cultural backgrounds including the Philippines, Iraq, the Caribbean, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka and England, performing a characteristically diverse repertoire with an exuberance and spirit that lifts and inspires audiences. www.musikomusika.org/ecco

Society of Imaginary Friends

Described as cinematic, classical, folk  in a similar vein to the ‘supernatural calm of Antony and the Johnsons’, Society of Imaginary Friends are a ‘Glorious mix of orchestral, folk melodrama.’  Based around the mezzo-soprano voice of Louise Kleboe and accordion and keyboardist Alfie Thomas they offer ‘the kind of surreal beauty that Stanley Kubrick would of given his beard for, a remarkable experience that will leave you in goosebumps.’ Planet Sound (channel 4.)

Society of Imaginary Friends have written and performed the music for the extraordinary Glastonbury Festival Arcadia Spectacular show which was staged every night at midnight on the huge metal spider, they had the privilege of performing at the Anti-Fracking camp in Balcombe Sussex and the Christmas Eve show at Occupy the City of London at St Paul’s. Society of Imaginary Friends recently worked with Cannes Festival Palm d’or nominated film director Chris Newby on their anti-war song and film ‘Beautiful Boy’ set just before WW1 the film is due to be released in Autumn 2017. Louise and Alfie are composers of music for film and have worked on award winning films including McLibel, Age of Stupid, Short Supply and At Dawning and they are currently writing the score for the beautiful art film Snow People.

Thank you to our funders

We gratefully acknowledge generous funding from Unite the Union and our anonymous donors. Diolch yn fawr iawn. Muchas gracias.